About Us

The Southeastern Hiking Club is a laid back, diverse and social group who enjoy exploring nature with others on a variety of different trails throughout Blue Hills, Massachusetts and beyond.

When We Hike:

We hike every weekend throughout the year.  Hike times vary however there is at least one hike scheduled every weekend on Saturday or Sunday at 1:00PM.

Where We Hike:

Many hikes are located within the Blue Hills area. Occasionally,  the club meets at other locations including; Borderlands, Moose Hill, Ames Nowell, Wilson Mt, Gilbert State Park,  Ellisville Harbor State Park,  Massasoit State Park and Wompatuck State Park….


There is no minimum  (or maximum) number of people required for a  hike to take off.  Typical hikes have anywhere from 15 – 35 people during summer/fall months, less during the winter months.

Terrain, Distance and Pace:

The terrain varies for each hike. Terrain levels are listed within each hike description.

The average weekend hike distance is typically between 3-6 miles.


There are well maintained restrooms at the majority of hike locations. We will try to make a note when this is not the case within each meetup notification.


There is no fee to join the Southeastern Hiking Club.   The majority of parks do not charge a parking fee, however there are a couple charge a  $2/$5 parking fee. We will try to make a note of which ones on the meetup notification.

Club Member Participation:

Some members hike every weekend while others only hike during certain seasons, locations or levels of difficulty. With that said, there is no set expectation for participation from club members.  Hike as often as you like.


During all events, everyone is responsible for themselves. The meet up organizer and assistant organizers are not responsible for the safety of participants. By joining the club, you acknowledge this.